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Using a unique and patented technology, the NET-G3A incorporates 144 Universal Tracking Channels capable of tracking all GPS and GLONASS satellites. The receiver is Topcon’s most technologically advanced reference station receiver and incorporates GPS, GPS L2C and L5, as well as GLONASS signals. When used with its companion, the CR-G5 high-end competitive Geodetic antenna with Topcon designed choke ring groundplane, the NET-G3A is the ultimate reference station solution.


Net-G3A features include:

  • Complete System Connectivity
  • Super low power consumption
  • 144 universal channel satellite tracking
  • Superior signal tracking and performance
  • USB Host which connects a USB memory stick or USB Mass Storage Device (UMS) to the NET-G3A receiver
  • Web server to configure and monitor the receiver via a Web user interface


Along with Topcon’s G3 technology, the NET-G3A boasts complete system connectivity. USB, Ethernet, and four serial ports combined with an industry leading 100Hz data rate, the NET-G3A offers high speed connections both in and out of the reference station.


Download NET-G3A Brochure